Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Organizing the blog

From an early on in the process of organizing the global concerns conference at RCN, the idea of inter-uwc cooperation was on the agenda. There were several ideas of how do to this, but in the end we agreed with Waterford that a blog would be the way to go.

There are several advantages of the blog format. The blog does not have to be live updated, so we are not relying on perfectly stable Internet on the day as we would have been if we were doing a Skype call. At the same time, the format is quite free, so while a Facebook page would restrict us on the kind of content we could upload and the way we could organize it, a blog allows us to do exactly as we want to.

On the day, both schools have a small technical team with the job of collecting articles and material. This is made possible by adding several authors to the blog and allowing them to contribute form each their user.

The blog was made with Google's Blogger service. The following are a few guides on how to make a good blog with Blogger as well as a comparison between three of the biggest blogging services out there:

Tumblr vs. WordPress vs. Blogger: Fight!

Blogger Manual: Getting started

Multiple authors on Blogger

16 lessons on successful blogging

40 of the Best Websites of Non-Profit Organizations

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