Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Writing for a more disability friendly UWC

Besides the cooperation with Waterford, there is a second project which is starting as part of the Global Concerns on discrimination at Red Cross Nordic. Accessibility@UWC is a writing project to put focus on disabilities and make the UWC schools more accessible to disabled students

The main idea is to gather a wide range of articles about disabilities and school/living communities. These should come from as many different angles as possible. What makes life as visually impaired easier? How is going to school in a wheel chair? How do you do a good job as a professional helper? What does a helpful roommate do? Why should the UWC focus on being disability friendly? How can schools be build so they are more accessible? All of these questions are very hard to answer, and at the same time they are only small fraction of the possible questions that can be asked. However, by gathering perspectives, experiences and ideas, this blog should be a tool for making us more capable of answering them.

All this information will be publicly available on this blog for anyone to use. The articles will be organized into themes and categories, but single articles or a random selection of articles will also be available.

The UWC does a lot of work in relation to disabilities, but a very important aspect of this blog is to get outside perspectives, testimonials and opinions. Therefore, anyone inside or outside the UWC movement is encouraged to share their perspective.

The long term prospect is that this blog might be used to compile a presentation about disabilities and the UWC which can be presented to national committees and future UWC schools to bring focus on creating a UWC movement which is accessible to everyone.

Thank you in advance for your contributions!

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