Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Do you think you know islam? Think again!

Our workshop was focusing on issues related to Islam. For people who haven´t had a big connection with Islamic beliefs we started with the general introduction and continued with the case-study of Tajikistan.

Islamic people gave, kindly, explanations about their religion. Thanks to all of them! For some people everything about Islam was new and surprising, also the case study from Tajikistan. Here are some points from the workshop:

In Western societies most of the people would be surprised when they would see a women wearing hijab or niqab.

Islam as a separate concept raised many interesting questions, for example about praying (times, procedure).

In Morocco it doesn´t matter, if you are wearing bikini or niqab, religiously diverse society.

Turkey and Tajikistan - discrimination against Islam; Turkey´s case as the only outstandind case from previous time.

Danish case - burqa in banned in many places; some girls started wearing hijabs as a sign of freedom, the protest, representing democratic values; the purpose is more to be seen.

Even in Jordan it is not very usual to wear niqab.

In Mozambique, women wearing Islamic dress are very respected, they are considered to be true followers of their religion.

The point of wearing hijab - becoming invisible, men shouldn´t look at women in the way which expresses attraction.

Indonesia, although it is Islamic country, still different attitude is common, discrimination against niqab wearers.

Latin-American case, random Arab woman in the supermarket, unusual picture.

Difference between Arabs and Muslims, often people think that they are the same people.

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