Wednesday, March 21, 2012

They see me rollin' they hatin'

Almost 1 in 7 people has some limits to mobility.

The physical disabilities workshop at RCN started when all participant were blindfolded because a visual
impairment is the most common physical disability. They were sent into a classroom on their own, where they one by one had to find a seat. After this they were paired up and from only hearing the sentence "they see me rollin' they hatin'" they had to guess who their partner was. Finally, they got to take of the blind-folds and see if they were right.
Apart from this, last week was perception week at RCN with more workshops on visual impairments and a lot of students challenged themselves and tried going 'blind' for a day.

Following was a presentation of different physical disabilities as well as the Norwegian law that everyone should have an equal accessibility to facilities.
The workshop ended with a small quiz on the newly gained knowledge and a presentation from a disabled RCN student, telling about his experiences here. See this presentation here.
See other videos from the workshop here.

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