Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Points from the discussion on accessability for disabled students at RCN

  • Points raised:
    • Smart Boards are good but we need more
    • Electronic doors need more and more education on how to use them. Why do they break? When do they break?
    • Students are open minded and helpful
    • Not all building are accessible ex: DH Cantina Students houses , second floors, k building
    • Education on how to help, what to do, terminology, Information on specific cases
    • Information about and from students and staff with disabilities
    • Teachers should put more effort into supporting students
    • School should accept more people with disabilities but only if they have enough facilities.
    • Snow shoveling should be handled better and by more people
    • Does the school follow Norwegian law? Does the school receive money from the govt to make things accessible? And if so where is the money going?
    • More Info about laws and money
    • Pathways ( Student village to cantina, silent house, boat house are NOT accessible)
  • Suggestions for improvement:
    • Signs to remind and explain about doors
    • Salt instead of Gravel or alternative to gravel if salt is bad
    • Bathroom in K build
    • Accessibility to K2
    • Take shoes of by door of houses, to remove shoes from corridors this also makes house cleaner and drier
    • More light around campus
    • An EAC focused on helping disabled students
    • Permanent help to all who need it
    • People should be hired to do the work that “volunteers” do now.
    • Why aren’t there more volunteers? Advertiser
    • Basic Training on disabilities for all students and staff (How, what, why ,when) 
    • Student Council
    • Presentation in college meeting
    • General Attitude amongst students and staff not just physical aid
    • Elevators
    • Ramps

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