Wednesday, March 21, 2012


  1. unfair treatment of people who belong to a different race, or violence against them, because they belong to a different race from your own
  2. the belief that some races of people are better than others
The Racist workshop at RCN focused on racism in Europe.
The workshop started out with a short presentation and role-play focusing on different examples of racism in various European countries.

Following, the participants were split into four smaller groups and each group had to work on the following task:
  1. You want to create an organization that will fight against discrimination in Europe. Find a catchy name for your organization, location and mission statement.
  2. Think of creative and effective ideas on how to put an end to discrimination. Write down the things your organization would like to change and how. Where would you start? What measures would you take?
  3. Design a logo that represents your organization
  4. Present your ideas to the rest
Here are two examples of the imaginary organizations:

"Respect" mission statement:
We are all humans. We all live on mother earth. We all deserve respect.

They aim to unite all people, to encourage respect and cooperation for all races and societies. Their target audience is everybody who share this world together. They are going to achieve this by raising awareness, educate and promoting cultural sharing through a student exchange program and holding respect concerts.

"Madiba" mission statement:
Madiba is an organization that aims to eradicate all kinds of racism and discrimination through education of youth.

They aim to spread awareness through plays, movies, workshops, activism, travelling through Europe and visiting schools as well as creating a website with facts about racism and information on the organization.

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